Costumes for Halloween

Halloween costumes

Halloween Parade 2015 by GoToVan is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

There are many ways to dress up and look authentic and scary for Halloween. Whether you make your own costume, or you simply buy one at the store, it’s important to make it look as realistic as possible, due to the inevitable competition. There are some things money can’t buy because you can make the perfect costume and apply the ideal makeup with a few tutorials and cheap materials. For example, if your costume is to have blood on it, you can make some fake one with much ease, as it looks very real and can really give some people the chills. It’s easy to make fake blood, all you need are a few ingredients and some time.

Fake blood

It is mostly used by those who tend to dress up like zombies, vampires, psycho surgeons, even clowns. There are many version of it, but the most original one (edible too) involves ketchup. Here’s how to make it easily.


  • Ketchup
  • Corn syrup
  • Red food coloring
  • Water


Grab a small bowl and put in it four tablespoons of ketchup. Pour in it 200 ml water, and then mix slowly until it becomes homogeneous. Next, add a teaspoon of red food coloring and another teaspoon corn syrup. Whisk it all nicely and add some more ketchup if you wish the blood to become darker and more dense (optional).

As for the costumes part, there are a few easy and cheap projects that won’t require much of your time, yet will really pay off. These next ideas will surely come across your mind next time you decide to put on a unique costume for Halloween.

Psycho nerd costume

The easiest one to make, and it won’t cost you a thing. First, make some trademark geeky glasses. You’ll need a black pair of thick framed ones. Wrap the middle of your glasses with a bandage to make it look nerdier, and then paint a few freckles on your cheeks with some light makeup. Suspenders are also needed, so make sure you have a pair of those to attach on your pants. Don’t forget the white shirt, as it has become synonymous with geeks. Make some fake blood using the recipe above and use your hands to leave some handprints on the tidy white shirt. To highlight the whole thing, wear a plastic toy knife (preferably bloodied) in your left and a few books in your right hand, or vice versa. Also, don’t forget to put a few pencils in your pockets.

Wednesday Addams

Probably the most popular Addams family member, Wednesday is also an interesting option to try for the night. To do this, you will need a long black dress with sleeves. You will also need a white collar to finish up with the clothes part. Make sure you apply some white powder on your face, legs, and hands to look more authentic. Braided hair is also highly recommended, as it highlights your whole appearance.

Men in Black

Simple and unique. Probably the cheapest costume on the list (if you have a black suit, that is), the MiB costume is very cool to wear, especially if you’re a boy. Dress like an alien hunter by putting on some cool shades and a costume to fit your body, along with an adequate pair of black shoes. Getting a plastic blaster rifle is a bonus if you can find any without having to buy one. Check your childhood toys for one.

Super Mario Bros

An awesome way to change the standard boring zombie, vampire and witch costumes with something rather unusual. Saving money again is also worth mentioning, as you will make this costume by yourself. First, acquire a pair of blue jeans overalls. Then, you’ll need a pair of big moustaches, a green or red shirt, depending you want to be Mario of Luigi, and an engineer’s hat, similar to the ones Mario & Luigi wear. Don’t forget to wear a thick pair of white gloves, although it’s optional.

There are many other ways to get creative and make your perfect costume this Halloween. All you need to do is a small research and check whether or not you got the items needed for the costume. For example, you’ll need a dozen of cardboard boxes and markers if you want to make Awesome-o, the famous fake robot from a South Park episode. Also, if you want to dress up like Edwards Scissorhands, then make sure you have enough aluminum foil to wrap around knife-shaped cardboard boxes and stick them on your hands. As long as you have a few materials to begin with, there are endless options when it comes to making scary costumes.