Haunted Places in Germany

Bitburg Middle School

Located in the Kaiserslautern School District, there have been sightings of windows opening without anyone touching them, lights turning on and off during the night, and uncontrollable screams while the school is empty. Witnesses have seen such things; they still struggle to explain.

Kirchlengern forest

There is a small town in the North, with about 6000 residents. There’s a nearby forest that has caused inexplicable things for the past eight centuries. Those who’ve visited the forest reported strange feelings and panicking for no reason. Others said their pets as missing. Blood and hairs were later found in the woods where people have previously felt uneasy.

Babenhausen barracks

These buildings are, in fact, famous for being haunted. Located in a town with the same name, near Frankfurt, the Babenhausen barracks are supposedly hiding lost souls of both Nazi soldiers from World War II and a witch’s spirit. The witch was executed back in the 18th century, while soldiers claimed to have heard her voice on the telephones, talking words backward. This place is creepy enough to visit during Halloween.