Haunted Places in Italy

Capuchin Crypt, Rome

Capuchin Crypt

Capuchin Crypt by -JvL- is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini there exist few small rooms decorated with more than 3500 skeletons. These human remains belong to the friars of the Capuchin order. Their order used to perform burials in the most discrete way possible, so their bodies were left in peace inside these tiny underground chapels. As much as it looks impressive, the whole crypt is undeniably terrifying, seeing all these skeletons hang all around you. These skeletons were left to decompose in the ground for more than three decades and were later exhumed. Probably the perfect time to visit this crypt is in October, somewhere around Halloween. They say Rome looks amazing during fall.

Poveglia Island, Veneto

Poveglia Island

Poveglia Closeup of Hospital by Chris 73 from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Or ‘The Island of Madness’ as the locals call it, and for a good reason. Poveglia has a long history of deaths on its soil, so many people have lost their lives in the most painful ways imaginable. Located near Venice, it was firstly used as a quarantine island where those infected by the deadly ‘Black Death’ plague were left to die in pain and agony. They say the ghosts of all these people still haunt the place, angered at those who left them to die in the first place. There exists a plague pit (mass grave) on the island. It is believed more than 100.000 people died in it. The Island of Madness was repopulated once more back in the 1920s, this time as a mental asylum. Bad things happened again, as patients were lobotomized by one of the doctors, who apparently became mad and killed himself by jumping off the hospital tower. Employees told the authorities that former patients’ ghosts had mentally tortured the doctor. It seems no one is lucky enough to survive on this island. Many tourists visit it each year, hoping to find ghosts and tortured souls.