Haunted Places in Sweden

Borgvattnet, Ragunda Municipality

Borgvattnet kyrka

Borgvattnets kyrka mars 2012 by Lars Falkdalen Lindahl is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

The ultimate haunted location. Many witnesses and historical accounts confirm some of the most horrific events that took place in this old clergy house. The creepy vicarage was built back in the 1800s, so ghosts had been appearing as early as 1927. The same year, one of the chaplains wrote a letter in which he described ‘supernatural anomalies in the house’. According to him, objects moved by themselves, the wind whispered, while shadows appeared and disappeared in a split of a second. A guest told of her experience back in the early 1940s. She would wake up being watched by three old women seating next to the bed, staring at her while she slept. In panic, she had turned the lights on with the figures still there, although now they would appear blurry. Most, however, were thrown out by an unknown force off an old chair placed in the living room. The building’s current owners give out special certificates to those who manage to spend a night the haunted vicarage. One could say the certificate is hard to earn.